Troy is not available for any outdoor stud service.

HCM: Normal September 2016 (4 years old)
PKD/CIN: Nagative

FELV/FIV: Negative
PL: Normal
PK-Deficiency: N/N Normal


Troy is our incredible new Stud that we imported
from the U.S.
He is big and very muscular for his age and has a long body, incredible type and a beautiful thick tail.
Troy has a straight profile, strong chin and good
sized well placed rounded ears.

His clear glittered short pelt is soft as silk with a good horizontal flow to his huge black outlined rosettes,
we are extremely happy with this wonderful and gorgeous boy who also has a non stop
purr temperament to match!
He's just a real love bug who wants to cuddle for hours.
We can't wait to see what he produces with our girls:-)))