Here is our beautiful girl from Kanpur in Canada.
Sheva has big black outlined
rosettes, (without any rib stripes) set on a very light background color.
Her short coat is soft as silk, loaded with glitter, her body is long with a short thick tail.
She has a gorgeous profile, strong chin and medium sized ears.
Sheva is a confident girl, she is no lap cat but she is extremely sweet.
If it was up to her she would sleep day and night with us in bed:-)

At 2 years of age Sheva still runs like a kitten after her toys, she is so playful.
Sheva also just LOVES water, as soon as I am taking a shower, she opens the door and does not mind
getting wet, while playing in the water with me:-)
We hope that she will pass on her characteristics traits to her kittens!

HCM: Normal April 2014 (5 years of age)
PKD/CIN: Negative

FELV/FIV: Negative
PL: Normal
PK-Deficiency: N/N Normal