Soon we expect a new litter.
Keep an eye on our kitten page. For more information you can always contact us by mail.


Feel free to enquire about this kitten, this will be on a first come, first served basis.
We do not hold any kittens without a deposit.

Means that someone is sending a deposit but it hasn't arrived yet, so you may enquire as the kitten may still become available.

Means that someone has put down the required deposit and this kitten is not available.

Under Evaluation
Means that we are holding this kitten for further evaluation for our own breeding program.
However, feel free to enquire as the kitten may become available.

Means that we are keeping this kitten for our own program.

When we are expecting kittens or kittens are born, we will place this information on our website.
We can also place you on our waiting list, this is free of charge.
In case you are interested in one of our kittens, please feel free to us.

Once you reserve a kitten from us, we will keep you up-to-date of the kittens development and you will weekly receive photo's.

Visitors are welcome when the kittens are 4/6 weeks of age, reason for this is to keep any unintentional viruses, illness
and prevent stress for our kittens and their mother.
We only sell kittens with a written sales contract.
You will receive this contract when you have chosen your kitten.
We trust you uphold the terms of this contract, just as we will do!
We will also be there for you if any problems may occur with the kitten you have bought from us.
We're always willing to help you in any way possible.

Our cats will be tested for FELV/ FIV/ HCM/ PKD/ CIN/ PK-Def and PL.

Our kittens (when bought as pets) will be neutered or spayed at the age of 12 weeks.
All our kittens may leave to their new owner when they reach the age of 13/16 weeks of age.
At this age they are de-wormed regularly, fully vaccinated and have a European pet passport.
Our kittens also have a certified TICA or Cats and Tulips (Dutch TICA) 5 generation pedigree and a written contract.
New owners will also receive a CD from us with photo's of their new kitten.
We would like and appreciate it very much if you stay in touch with us on how the kitten is doing and
that we receive new photo's now and then of said kitten.
We do not sell to homes where cats are allowed outdoor access without supervision, or where they are declawed.

Here at Junglemagic we breed in the colors Snow, Brown and Silver Rosetted and from time to time Marbled for the lovers.
Prices for our pet kittens are:
For Brown and Snow rosetted from 850 to 1150
For Silver rosetted from 950 to 1250.
For Marbled from 750 to 1000
The prices are determined depending on the bloodline of the kitten and the quality of the profile and pattern.

Expenses for neutering and spaying are not included in this price.

Please inquire for prices of our breeder kittens.

We ask 250,- deposit for a reservation of a pet kitten.
For breeder kittens a deposit of
500,- is required.
Please take note that deposits are non-refundable.

We take care to place our kittens into suitable and loving homes and therefore reserve the right to cancel kitten sales
at any time prior to the actual transfer of ownership if we feel the kitten will be subjected to an unsuitable home.





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