When I became acquainted with the charcoals the first time we were instantly in love. Even though it is very difficult to find a charcoal Bengal because they have not been bred so much, we started to actively look for a charcoal Bengal.
Dream is our new snow Mink Charcoal girl of Sunstorm Bengals from Ireland and we are very happy with her.
She is the second charcoal girl in The Netherlands and has a very nice pedigree. We have been fortunate enough to be able to buy her together with her sister Divine.

Dream features a beautiful rosetted pattern, very short coat with lots of pearl glitters, strong chin and small ears. Furthermore, she has a very beautiful wild head and a beautiful mask, but that's what makes charcoals so beautiful.

Dream loves to talk and really enjoys anwering to everything you say. A very sweet girl with a stable character and loves a lot of cuddling.

We are extremely happy with her and can't wait to get kittens from her.  


HCM: Normal June 2014 (1 year old)
PKD/CIN: Negative

FELV/FIV: Negative
PL: Normal
PK-Deficiency: N/N Normal by parents




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