With pride we present our new girl Dior that we imported from the U.S.
From the moment I saw her I fell totally in Love and knew this had to be our new girl.

Dior is a big girl with a long body and a short thick tail.
She has an amazingly short and silky soft pelt that is loaded with glitter,
large black outlined rosettes set in a good horizontal flow, wild head, small ears and a strong chin.
Besides that we think she's an absolutely stunning girl, she is also very sweet and loving and loves to get all the attention for herself.
She also loves to cuddle with you and won't stop purring:-)

Dior has the most funny and crazy acts I have ever seen in a Bengal, she is very agile and mischief,
I nicknamed her (acrobat) because she makes the most crazy jumps.
This girl is also a very good hunter, Dior is the most fun and crazy Bengal of all the Bengals we have, which is a lot of fun to watch:-)
We are extremely happy to have this girl in our cattery:-), and we can't wait to see her kittens!!

HCM: Normal April 2014 (2 years old)
PKD/CIN: Negative

FELV/FIV: Negative
PL: Normal
PK-Deficiency: N/N Normal