We are a small hobby cattery located in the northern part of Limburg (The Netherlands) between Venray and Nijmegen,
close to the German border, with a few litters a year.
In order to keep a healthy environment for our Bengals and kittens, also for us to be able to give them
enough care and room, we will remain a small cattery. In the best interest of our cats, we will not attend any cat shows,
reason for this is to keep any viruses and illness out of our cattery.

Our cats and kittens are raized in our home with our dogo argentino's.
As I work irregular shifts. there is always someone home most of teh day taking care of our cats and kittens,
so they get the love and attention they deserve and need.
We do not keep our cats in cages or small rooms.
Our Bengals are above all our pets. The females have acces to thw whole house. Unfortunately this is not realistic for
the males beacuase of their spraying behaviour. Therefore the males have a beautiful outdoor villa.

Our goal is to breed healthy and beautiful rosetted well socialized Bengal kittens,
so their new owner will have a great and loving companion for life.

We hope to be able to breed the special Bengal cat for a very long time.
So that we can enjoy them endlessly, and we will do all that we can to help keeping this
beautiful breed healthy, and improve the development of the Bengal cat.
Our cats are tested for FELV/ FIV/ HCM/ PKD/ CIN/ PK-def and PL.
We are members of Cats and Tulips (Dutch TICA Club) and TICA.
Junglemagic is a closed cattery, we do not offer any outdoor stud service. /

Our heart is captivated by this amazing and gorgeous breed.
Owning a Bengal cat is something else and a bit hard to explain, but we can't imagine our lives without them :-)

If you may have any questions about our kittens, the Bengal cat or if you would like to meet our cats,
please feel free to  us and we will gladly help you answer all your questions.
You are always welcome to visit us and our cats, there are no strings attached.
This way you can also get a good impression of our cattery, us and our Bengals.
Further we would like to invite you to take a look at our website :-)