Magic is our stunning Silver boy, he has big ink black rosettes set on a clear short soft pelt, just loaded with glitter.
He has a short thick tail, gorgeous profile, strong chin and medium sized ears.
He is a big boy with an elegant body structure, we feel that Magic has everything a Silver Bengal needs:-)

Also important, Magic comes from a mother with a supersweet character, he is very intelligent and full of mischief.
But above all he is just so extremely sweet and a real cuddly boy who loves to sit on your lap for hugs and kisses, we just adore him:-)
Magic brings so much joy and love into our lives that we decided he will stay with us forever!


HCM: Normal September 2016 (6 years old)
PKD/CIN: Negative

FELV/FIV: Negative
PL: Normal
PK-Deficiency: N/N Normal